Low Libido? I would rather they called it “Desire Untapped” or “Desire Yet Unspoken”.

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So many things keep women out of touch with their power and desires when it comes to sex and sexuality.

…You feel low sexual desire and depletion that zaps your sexual spark.

…You want to cultivate more intimacy, pleasure and hotness with your partner(s).

…You don’t want what other women seem to want sexually and wonder if there is something wrong with you and your desires.

…You don’t have the orgasms you hear other women talk about and think you might never experience them.


…You want the confidence to flirt and approach people you find attractive and to go for what you want sexually, but you don’t know where to start.

…You know it’s time to go deeper in your relationship to your sexuality and to welcome more pleasure, playfulness and joy.

…You’ve never learned how to talk about sex because no one ever did in your family or culture.

…You are ready to get rid of sexual shame or guilt.

…You’ve got a sexual past you just haven’t made peace with.

…You want more. More pleasure, more sex, more orgasms, more ecstasy, more intimacy.

Embrace your desire. Love your desire!  Understand that your desire is what gets you out of bed every single day.


What kind of desire am I talking about?

    • Desire to grow.

    • Desire to be bigger, or do something big.

    • Desire to develop who you are and how you live.

    • Desire for MORE: more love, more pleasure, more fulfillment of dreams.

    • Desire for a different kind of sexual experience — for a different technique, a different relationship style, something outside the heterosexual norm, to experiment with BDSM, etc.

    • Desire for better sex (whatever that means to you).

    • Desire for more intimacy.

    • Desire to change the world.

We have so many healthy desires in us but we are told we shouldn’t want — many religions and other social institutions teach that it is bad to want, and that women especially should be polite, stay quiet, not take up too much space, not ask for too much, and not be demanding or pushy. Declaring desire unapologetically can mean going against the grain, and so the pressure to fit in and “be normal” — or whatever we think “normal” means — is one thing that can cut us off from our own desire.