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What is the natural purpose of the clitoris?


In the female body hormone levels widely fluctuate. To prevent hormones from causing negative side effects, the female body contains a ”reset-button” : the clitoris.

By having a clitoral orgasm, oxytocin is released.  Here’s why this release works as a hormone reset function.

Oxytocin is a multifunctional hormone. In pregnant women oxytocin is required for delivery contractions, and after delivery, oxytocin is essential in lactation. But also in women not pregnant or lactating, oxytocin is always essential. Like other sex-hormones (such as estrogen and progesterone) the body always composes and secretes some oxytocin, to influence different processes. Whenever the uterus contracts, like it does when you are having your period, oxytocin is secreted.

by having a clitoral orgasm, much more oxytocin is secreted. And these higher oxytocin levels are essential to reset the body. Like you need a compass sailing at open sea ; every once and a while you have to check the compass, and adjust your course. Without orgasms, your ship may sail way off course, causing a bacterial infection, a physically caused lack of interest, obesity, nervous breakdowns, psychotic behavior or even breast cancer ;

 stress ; Stress increases ACTH- and prolactin release. Oxytocin de-stresses , through regulating prolactin-  and ACTH-levels.Clitoral orgasms diminish stress. Now you know why you fall asleep after great sex.

 cancer ; Stress increases prolactin secretion.  And excessive prolactin can enhance breast cancer , brain tumors and leukemia. Oxytocin regulates prolactin secretion. Orgasms therefore decrease cancer risk.

 Oxytocin increases dopamine level . Dopamine is known to inhibit excessive prolactin secretion. Like stress, progesterone increases prolactin level too. 

 obesity ; Oxytocin also regulates appetite, through receptors in the brain. Oxytocin inhibits appetite to prevent obesity.

 You know when you se a woman all of a sudden looking fab ? How many times have you heard this one : “Oh, I have a new boyfriend and we have lots of great sex ? But you think “Girl, you just went on a diet”. Well sorry to bust your bubble, but it’s the sex, the orgasms and the oxytocin !

 bacteria ; Oxytocin is a natural antibiotic, attacking hostile bacteria, decreasing susceptibility to uterine infection (27).

 behavior ; Oxytocin is anti-psychotic ; oxytocin plays an important role in the regulation of normal cognitive functions and behaviors, which are disturbed in schizophrenia. Some forms of obsessive-compulsive disorder are also related to oxytocin dysfunction. 

Oxytocin also gives you fighting spirit. 

 memory ; Oxytocin plays a key role in meltdown of prior learning in preparation for new learning , like new books in a library have to be catalogued and shelved.

Orgasms keep you inquisitive and investigative ; ready and hungry for new input.

The lust for a clitoral orgasm originates from the physical necessity for ‘being reset hormonally’. Like the lust for consuming fruit originates from the physical necessity to obtain sufficient glucose, when glucose level is low. The better the orgasm, the more oxytocin is released. And like you need glucose in your blood to live, you need great orgasms to be in good health.