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Clitoral Stimulating Techniques to build up Intense Sensations for Orgasms



Here’s some very detailed tips for bringing yourself to orgasm using vibrators.

Clitoral Stimulation: It’s best to start with gentle clitoral contact and slowly build up to more intense sensations.

  1. With or without the a weighted Barbell resting inside your vagina, start with your oiled fingers.
  2. Release any expectations of what you “should” feel. Just observe what is happening without passing any judgment. When you desire more clitoral sensation, add your vibrator. Ideally you would experiment with several kinds of vibrators before choosing your favorite.
  3. Here’s a sequence that has worked very well with private sessions with a sex therapist: Starting with a small battery vibrator like the Mystic Wand on low. Next use the electric Eroscillator and finally the Magic Wand.

Always start with the low setting and build gradually.

Take up to thirty minutes or longer.

Some clients have spent two hours or more masturbating with a vibrator.

Please be sure to use a good lubricant.


Upping your Orgasms: How to become more Orgasmic in a Busy, Hectic Life.

Upping Womens Pleasure

How Women Can Have Stronger and More Frequent Orgasms

Having stronger and multiple orgasms is a dream for many women. We heard about women who are able to have two or three orgasms on the roll, and we feel a healthy envy. Or we know about ladies who have orgasms so strong that they feel the earth trembling. “How do they do it?”- We think in wonder.

The first answer that comes to mind is as unfair as inevitable: “wow, their partner must be a skilled love machine!” While it is true that having sex with a man who knows what he is doing, with experience and the energy to keep up, helps us to conquer the kingdom of the sexual enjoyment, a sexual superhero is not the warranty of our success having better orgasms. And we want enjoy stronger and more frequent orgasms in the company of a partner and when we practice sex by ourselves as well.

Sometimes women find difficult to reach orgasms. Stress, our busy lives, a weak immune system or menopause are factors that can make the orgasms harder to have. There is the say: “The most erogenous zone on a woman’s body is her brain”. And that is somehow true: women need to be stimulated psychologically as well as physically to enjoy sex to the maximum; if we are worried about our jobs, our children, or worlds’ peace, it is difficult to liberate our minds, focus in sex and enjoy it. Many times we are so preoccupied that we don’t even remember that sex exists. So the first advice to reach more and stronger orgasms is to put the brain at work. We must think about sex, put ourselves in the right mood. We can use our fantasy, erotic novels or straight pornography, whatever works for us, but the fact is that we have to feel the sex desire in ourselves before start the sexual act with someone else. Using aphrodisiac foods or a little alcohol can help, but we must remember that too much alcohol can numb our feelings, instead of enhance them.

The second advice is related to the first, because it is about stimulating our brains as well as our bodies. If we are having sex with somebody, we should use foreplay. Only if we are in a very sexual mood the fast and rough sexual act will work for us. Playing is an effective way to prepare our senses to feel better orgasms. We can use massage lotions to enhance the sensitivity on the skin, oils to make the friction more pleasant, or even games to make our brain ready with anticipation. Role play and costumes would help us to reach the right mood.

Once we are in the mood, we may use some tricks to help us to have stronger and better orgasms. One that is very effective in a long term is to exercise our vaginal muscles. These muscles become looser with age and children’s birth, and exercising them will give us much more pleasure during penetration. We can exercise vaginal muscles by tightening them like if we are trying to hold the need to go urinate. We can do this wherever we want, while we watch TV or while traveling in the bus. We also can use the pc muscles stimulants, to practice Kegal exercises: these internal muscle stimulators may be introduced in the vagina, first one, and hold it as long as we can, then another one, and so on. Our vaginal muscles will be stronger, and we will feel more pleasure during penetration, as well as our partner will do.

If we want some extra tighteness in our vagina to increase our pleasure, we can use this tightening gel “Organic Arousal Gel”. This wonderful smelling gel makes the area more sensitive and tight.

Using a good lubrication is essential to have better orgasms, because it makes the friction much more pleasant. There are many types of lubricants to choose form, we must find the one that blends well with our personal lubrication, and never forget to use it if we are masturbating or having sexual intercourse as well.

Women don’t have really a physical limit in the amount of orgasms that they can reach in a sexual encounter, which is a difference we have respect men. Even it is proven that orgasms call orgasms, this means that having orgasms facilitates having more orgasms. It is like our bodies remember the way easily when they ride the path more often.

Investigating our bodies is very important to know how to have better and stronger orgasms. Women who spend time trying to figure out the things that please them will enjoy more sexual activities. That is the reason that masturbation is a good tool to improve women’s sexual enjoyment. We can use sex toys of different sizes and shapes, to find out the ways we like sex.

In women’s sex, as in life, practice means success.


Medical Needs for Women to have Orgasms.

Vibrators have been recommended by Drs for over 100 years

By having a clitoral orgasm, a large amount of oxytocin is released. This hormone is not at all essential to conceive, but is needed to regulate hormone levels impaired by stress and/or the menstrual cycle. Oxytocin deficiency enhances stress, obesity and psychotic behavior, impairs cognitive functions and increases breast-cancer risk.

Clitoral orgasms do not serve conception, and are not obtained through sexual intercourse. Clitoral orgasms serve physical health, and pleasure, and are obtained through specific clitoric stimulus.


Clitoral Orgasm

The natural purpose of the clitoris:

In the female body hormone levels widely fluctuate, to enable one to become pregnant.

To prevent hormones from causing negative side effects, the female body contains a ”reset-button” : the clitoris ;

By having a clitoral orgasm, a lot of  is released.  Sexual arousal also increases oxytocin release a bit, but only a real orgasm really does. The better the orgasm (subjectively), the more oxytocin is secreted.

And what is the purpose of this oxytocin release ?

Oxytocin & Fertility

From the male point of view, sex is equal to sexual intercourse. And from this point of view, female orgasmic oxytocin release must serve conception, improving sperm transport.  But the sperm itself already contains all the necessary oxytocin. 

Though female oxytocin plays a role in the menstruation cycle , and does enhance sexual behavior, oxytocin in women is not at all essential to become pregnant. Extra oxytocin in women does not enhance sperm transport, but even decreases pregnancy rate .

Oxytocin is a sex hormone like the others ; they all strongly interact. Oxytocin influences LH, FSH, progesterone and estrogen levels through influencing LHRH release. Estrogen increases oxytocin release. Progesterone inhibits estrogen-induced oxytocine receptor production.

So there is no functional connection what so ever between sexual intercourse and female orgasm. And to many women that is not a surprise, because there is no way women in general can obtain orgasm through being penetrated.

But what is the physical purpose of female orgasm then ?

Reset Function

Oxytocin is a multifunctional hormone. In pregnant women oxytocin is required for delivery contractions, and after delivery, oxytocin is essential in lactation. But also in women not pregnant or lactating, oxytocin is always essential. Like other sex-hormones (such as estrogen and progesterone) the body always composes and secretes some oxytocin, to influence different processes. Whenever the uterus contracts, like it does when you are having your period, oxytocin is secreted.

By having a clitoral orgasm, much more oxytocin is secreted. And these higher oxytocin levels are essential to reset the body. Like you need a compass sailing at open sea ; every once and a while you have to check the compass, and adjust your course. Without orgasms, your ship may sail way off course, causing a bacterial infection, a physically caused lack of interest, obesity, nervous breakdowns, psychotic behavior or even breast cancer ;

Here’s a list of symptoms that an oxytocin releases will address:

  1. stress ; Stress increases ACTH- and prolactin release. Oxytocin de-stresses, through regulating prolactin and ACTH-levels.  Clitoral orgasms diminish stress. Now you know why you fall asleep after great sex.
  1. cancer ; Stress increases prolactin secretion. And excessive prolactin can enhance breast cancer, brain tumors and leukemia. Oxytocin regulates prolactin secretion. Orgasms therefore decrease cancer risk.
  2. Oxytocin increases dopamine level. Dopamine is known to inhibit excessive prolactin secretion. Like stress, progesterone increases prolactin level too.
  3. obesity ; Oxytocin also regulates appetite, through receptors in the brain.  Oxytocin inhibits appetite to prevent obesity.
  4. You know when you see a woman all of a sudden looking fab ? How manytimes have you heard this one : “Oh, I have a new boyfriend and we have lots of great sex ? But you think “Right, you just went on a diet”. Well sorry to bust your bubble, but it’s the sex, the orgasms and the oxytocin !
  5. bacteria ; Oxytocin is a natural antibiotic, attacking hostile bacteria, decreasing susceptibility to uterine infection.
  6. behavior ; Oxytocin is anti-psychotic ; oxytocin plays an important role in the regulation of normal cognitive functions and behaviors, which are disturbed in schizophrenia. Some forms of obsessive-compulsive disorder are also related to oxytocin dysfunction.
  7. Oxytocin also gives you fighting spirit.
  8. memory ; Oxytocin plays a key role in meltdown of prior learning in preparation for new learning , like new books in a library have to be catalogued and shelved.
  9. Orgasms keep you inquisitive and investigative ; ready and hungry for new input.

Perfect Orgasm

The lust for a clitoral orgasm originates from the physical necessity for ‘being reset hormonally’. Like the lust for consuming fruit originates from the physical necessity to obtain sufficient glucose, when glucose level is low. The better the orgasm, the more oxytocin is released. And like you need glucose in your blood to live, you need great orgasms to be in good health.

Now where’s my new vibrator…time to schedule a more regular dates with my Mrs.  C.  This is one health plan I can stick to!

Vibrator Instructions For Women

vibrator_instructions_violetsclosetAll you really need to know about using a vibrator is “Do What Feels Good”, “Keep it Clean” and if it is “Not Water-Proof” don’t put it in water. Now that you have the very simple rules – a vibrator is designed to stimulate. It does a better job of stimulating than a tongue, fingers, or any inanimate object. It is a perfect tool for masturbation for both women or men and can greatly heighten sexual intensity for couples.

For Women – External Vibrator Instructions

There is a definite difference between a vibrator induced orgasm and an orgasm produced by other means. A vibrator orgasm is much more intense and it’s not uncommon for women to have multiple orgasms while using a vibrator. Since consistent and intense stimulation of the clitoris is normally required for a woman to climax we will start with the use of external vibrators.

Few if any vibrators come with instruction manuals. On the one hand, you might think that no manual is necessary — after all shouldn’t you know how to use a vibrator? But if you’ve never used one, how exactly are you supposed to know how? Most people do manage to stumble their way to pleasure with a vibrator, but if you’re looking for a few helpful hints here is a beginner’s guide for women on how to use a vibrator.

Time Required: For Your First Time, a Half Hour or More

Here’s How:

  1. Get to know your vibrator.
    Take your vibrator out of the package and get to know how it works and what kind of batteries it takes. Play with the buttons and switches and find out how many speeds and settings it has. Wash your vibrator well before using it. If it isn’t waterproof, be careful not to get any water near the battery case. Check for sharp edges or seams (these can be easily filed down and made safe). Make sure the body of the vibrator isn’t coming apart from the battery pack and that all wires are solid and secure. If there are any flaws, return your vibrator before you use it.
  2. Start on your own.
    Even if you’re planning on using your vibrator with a partner, it’s a good idea to check it our by yourself first. You’ll feel less self-conscious and/or you can really concentrate on how it feels for you without being distracted (for better or worse) by a partner. Make sure you have a little time and enough privacy. If you’ve got roommates, children, thin walls, or nosy neighbors, you can always turn on some music and make use of blankets and comforters to mute the sound (you may also want to think about getting a quieter vibrator).
  3. Play with the lights on.
    Not everyone will be comfortable with this one, and vision may not be a sense you rely on, but playing with a vibrator with the lights on can be very educational and useful. You can discover specific places on your body that are rich with nerve endings and ripe for stimulation. This is the kind of information you can use on yourself in the future and share with a lover. You can achieve the same effect with touch, knowing exactly where the vibrator is, but seeing what’s going on can be a benefit for some.
  4. Turn it off before you turn it on.
    Get comfortable with the feel of the vibrator on your body. Run the vibe along your body without even turning it on. Notice how it feels. Press it firmly against your skin and massage your muscles with it. If the vibrator is a hard material this will probably feel nice. If the vibrator is a soft rubber and doesn’t feel smooth against your skin, try the above with your clothes on. This isn’t meant to give you an orgasm, but it’s a gentle way of introducing your body to the vibrator.
  5. Move your vibrator from the outside in.
    Once you turn it on, start by touching the vibrator to your feet and your hands. Run it up and down your arms and legs, across your belly, your shoulders and neck, your scalp and face. Again, you can start with some clothes on if you like. Even though vibrators are used mostly around the vulva and clitoris, don’t just jump to the main event. Get a feel for the vibration all over your body and then slowly move to the more sensitive parts. You can slowly move the vibrator up your inner thigh, or in circles around your breasts and nipples.
  6. Don’t rush: Explore every inch.
    The great thing about vibrators is that they never get tired, and they let you explore every inch of your body for sexual pleasure. Most women use vibrators for clitoral stimulation and many women report that one side — or even one portion — of their clitoris responds to vibration more than another. Think of yourself as an explorer, and the vibrator is both your compass and your flashlight (in fact some vibrators come with flashlights). Don’t rush, leaving a vibrator in place can allow it to establish sensation connections that previously weren’t there.
  7. Play with the speed of the vibrator.
    Most vibrators have multiple speed settings (or at least two settings). Always start on a low setting and work your way up. If a vibrator feels too strong at first you can put a towel between you and the vibrator, or just press it lightly against your body. You may find that on some areas a lower speed is all you need, and on others stronger is better. Some vibrators have “pulsation” settings, but you can also play with turning the strength up and down in rapid succession.
  8. Play with pressure.
    Experiment with applying different pressure. You may enjoy a lot of deep pressure with clitoral stimulation or you may want to hold a vibrator just slightly above the body. You can press your vibrator deep into your skin and massage the muscles while also feeling the stimulation of the motor. With most battery-powered vibrators, the more pressure you apply the lower the vibration feels. Also the stronger you hold your vibrator, the more vibration gets absorbed by your hand. Experiment with everything from a feather light touch to a self-love smack down, and find what works for you.
  9. On point or flat out.
    Most vibrators will have a point or an edge. Try touching yourself with the finest point of the vibrator. Next put the widest or flattest part of your vibrator against your body. When you focus on one point, the vibrations can feel more intense than when the vibration is being dispersed around a wider area. You may find that the feel of the vibrator on your labia, or above your clitoris feels awesome. Because the clitoris extends inside the body, deep vibration in this area can feel great, and different than direct clitoral stimulation.
  10. Using a vibrator for penetration.
    Most women use vibrators for external stimulation, but as long as your vibrator is safe for penetration there’s no reason not to try it. A vibrator that is safe for penetration will be smooth, have no rough edges, and won’t absorb bodily fluids. In almost all cases. it’s recommended to put a condom over a vibrator if you’re using it for penetration. You should also use water based lubricant when using a vibrator for penetration. You can put some lube on the shaft of the vibrator and with your fingers put some lube on your vulva and just inside your vagina.
  11. Exploring penetration with a vibrator.
    Start slow with penetration and get yourself aroused by using the vibrator externally first. While far more nerve endings are outside the vagina than inside, lots of women enjoy penetration with a vibrator. Some women will use a vibrator to find and stimulate the g spot. It has also been hypothesized that nerve endings in the cervix respond to stimulation and pressure. Pressing the vibrator against the top of your vagina (such as pressing it towards your belly) may provide g spot stimulation or even indirect clitoral stimulation.
  12. Using your vibrator with a partner.
    You can use your vibrator with your partner in any number of ways. You can control the vibe, using it on yourself to add stimulation during sex play with a partner. You can use the vibrator on your partner (or vice versa). You can also find a vibrator that fits well between you and your partner that neither of you need to control, but can add stimulation during sex. However you want to do it, it’s a good idea for each of you to follow the above steps first, and get fully comfortable on your own before making it a threesome.


  1. G spot vibrators
    Some vibrators have a curved tip and are sold as g spot vibrators. These toys can make it easier to reach the g spot but they are no guarantee that you’ll enjoy g spot stimulation. Also, any firm vibrator can be used to stimulate the g spot.
  2. Safety tip: vaginal or anal penetration.
    If you want to insert a vibrator anally, only use vibrators designed for anal penetration. The toy should be smooth and seamless, and should have a flared base to prevent it from slipping all the way in.
  3. Vibrator strength trick.
    If you’re using a vibrator on a partner and you want to vary the strength of the vibration you can do this by grabbing the vibrator tighter and getting a larger grasp on it. When you do this your hand absorbs more of the vibration and to the person on the other end it feels like the vibration is getting a bit lower. Loosen your grip and the strength will come back.
  4. Take your batteries out.
    Get in the habit of taking your batteries out of the vibrator each time your finished using it. If you leave the batteries in, the vibrator may turn on to a very low speed (or you may leave it on low without knowing it) and this can both burn out the motor and make for some embarrassing moments when everyone at dinner is wondering where that buzzing is coming from. Also, if you leave your vibrator alone for extended periods with the batteries in, they can corrode and leak into the battery case, destroying your vibrator.

Great Masturbating tips for women

A good orgasm can make an amazing day.You will get more pleasure from your masturbation if you relax and take a good time to play with your clitoris, your genital lips, your vaginal opening, your buttocks and your anal area before you let your masturbation explode into a full orgasm.


Here are some tips of what you can do during this play.


When doing the following techniques, use a stimulating massage cream or oil like those presented above to greatly increase the pleasure.


1.Tapping your clitoris: spread your pussy lips wide open by one hand. Gently tap your clitoris with two fingers of your other hand. Begin by tapping the tip of your clitoris, and proceed by taking the whole of your clitoris between your fingers. Also proceed by massaging your clitoris downwards between your fingers. Use alternating different degrees of pressure – a light pressure at the beginning to raise your excitement, and then greater pressure to heighten your feelings to climax, and then go back to a lighter pressure, and so on.


2.Clitoral rolling: Place your thumb and forefinger around the clitoris and gently roll it in between your fingers. Do this gently and slowly at first, then gradually speed up and use more power. You may also alternate between periods of higher speed and force ending with and orgasmic reaction, and periods with gentler work.


3.Circular massage: With one or two fingers, massage gently the top of your clitoris. Gradually you can speed up and use greater pressure. In between, make the massage broader so that it encompasses also the sides of the clitoris.


4.Fingering both your clitoris and vagina: With one of your hands, you massage your clitoris in the ways indicated above. With the other hand insert one, two or three fingers into your vagina. Massage the walls of your vagina, using different degree of pleasure from time to time. Press especially against the upper part of that wall, letting the pressure and undulation of the massaging work up in the direction of your urethra and your clitoris. In this way your most sensational areas will get the stimulation from two directions simultaneously.


5.Finger your clitoris while using a vibrator with one of your hands; you massage your clitoris in the ways indicated above. With the other hand you massage various parts of your pussy with a vibrator. You can place the vibrator just between your inner lips, letting its tip point up onto your clitoris. You can also massage with the vibrator at the inside of your grater lips, or at your vaginal opening.


6.Finger your clitoris while using a dildo: With one of your hands, you massage your clitoris in the ways indicated above. With the other hand you insert a dildo of a size that fits your own size, but is big enough to stretch the walls of your vagina. Move the dildo back and forth at the opening, and gradually insert it deeper and deeper, until it reaches as deep as possible. Push at the depth of your vagina, stretching your inner parts, also rotate the dildo in a circular fashion, and bend it from side to side, thus alternating stretching various parts of your inside.


You may also just lay with your dildo still inside your vagina, especially if it is great enough to give some stretching of its own. Many dildos are equipped with vibrating mechanisms. Having the vibration at a low frequency, you will constantly feel gentle exiting waves emanating from the stimulation of the dildo inside you, and these waves of pleasant feelings will gradually make you extremely exited and greatly enhance the total masturbation experience.


7. Squeezing your thighs: Some women can achieve orgasm by simply squeezing or rubbing their thighs together, thus stimulating the clitoris and the rest of the pelvic area indirectly. This is actually a technique you can use secretly and very hideously out in the public. Even if you do not reach the orgasm this way, it will nevertheless make pleasure.
But you can also squeeze your thighs when masturbating. Press your thighs together, and tighten them around your vaginal area a little while. Then relax, and repeat. You can try out doing it in several different speeds and find a speed that excites you most. Thigh squeezing is a technique you can use during part of the masturbation in order to build up your excitement.